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The Secret To A Self-Empowered Career

Tuesday ~ June 10, 2014 ~ 7:00-8:00 pm Central

Tommy & Angela
Angela Loëb hosts an inspiring no-cost teleclass with career and life coach, Tommy Chiodo.


Do you feel like something’s missing in your career… like maybe you’re supposed to be happy but you’re not?

You’re not the only one.  A lot of us out there know the feeling.  We know what it’s like to plug into a career, or into what looked on the surface like a great job, only to find out that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  And that’s what this program is about.

Join us to learn how you can have a self-empowered career – one that is full of meaning and purpose.

All you need is a telephone to participate.* 

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Whether you’re unemployed… or underemployed… or have been in your current job for years, this program will help you get what you deserve when you take your next career step.

We’ll discuss the challenges of finding a career that’s meaningful, how to figure out your purpose and give you some steps you can take to empower yourself going forward.

Program Outcomes:
> Learn why purpose and career are important. Why do we care, and what does the research tell us?
> Find out how to discover your purpose – it’s easier than you think!
> See how to become a self-empowered member of the workforce & take control of your own career.
> Get immediate action steps that you can do right now no matter what your current situation is.

You’re NOT at the mercy of the employers of the world!

You deserve to have a career that is meaningful and pays you well for your gifts!

How to sign up for this no-cost teleclass…
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Also, be sure to watch for two reminder emails on the day before and on the day of the call. In those reminder emails, we’ll include a link for a downloadable worksheet that Tommy will reference during the program.

After You’ve Registered, Feel Free To Send Us A Question/Comment
At the end of the program, we’ll open it up for questions and discussion.  And because of that, we’d love to hear from you ahead of time.  Once you’ve registered using the blue button above, please feel free to use the short form below to send a question for Tommy… or just give us a quick summary of your struggle with finding meaning in your own career. We’d really love to hear from you!

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We’re super excited to bring you this program on how to empower yourself and your career!

Looking forward to talking with you on June 10th!

About Tommy Chiodo:
Tommy’s first career was 13 years in the high-tech industry.  His last job in that industry was with a startup company that was on track to go public.  With a good position, with a good salary, founder’s stock, he was on the fast track to the American dream of success…and he found himself miserable.  After leaving the world of high-tech and going through clinical depression, he resolved to follow a career path that was meaningful to him, leading him to get a master’s in educational psychology and become a career counselor.  He has been following his purpose and passion ever since.  More at

About Angela Loëb:
Angela Loëb is an author, speaker and self-development consultant who loves to study, teach and write about mind mastery, goal achieving and life purpose.  She offers services through her own firm, InSync Resources, and is an instructor for the Professional Development Center at the University of Texas at Austin.  One of Angela’s passions, besides writing (so far 3 books and hundreds of articles), is collaborating on programs with other experts, including teleclasses and online courses, which are currently being taken tens of thousands of people all over the world.  She also co-hosted an online radio show for two years (2009-2011).  As a volunteer, she gives her time and energy to several not-for-profit organizations and teaches women’s self-defense classes.  To check out links to Angela’s websites and programs, go to

*Depending on your phone service, long-distance charges may apply.